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Bookmaker Bookie, turf accountant

Bookmakers organise gambling activities in betting offices, at racetracks or online.

Salary, a pound sign Salary: £14,000 to £45,000 average per year
Hours, a clock face Hours: 35 to 40 per week

1. Entry requirements

There are no set entry requirements, but you must be 18 and you may have to take a maths test.

A level 2 college course in gambling could be helpful, but isn't essential.

You could start as a cashier and work your way up, or you could start as a trainee manager.

The Association of British Bookmakers has more information about becoming a bookmaker.

2. Skills required

You'll need:

  • maths skills
  • negotiation skills
  • the ability to manage and lead staff

3. What you'll do

Your day-to-day tasks could include:

  • recruiting, training and supervising staff
  • greeting customers and promoting products to them
  • taking bets and paying out winnings
  • dealing with complaints
  • setting sales targets
  • controlling costs and balancing accounts
  • organising staff rotas

As a manager, you’ll look after the security of staff, customers and money. You’ll need to follow gambling law.

4. Salary

Starter: £14,000 to £16,000

Experienced: £30,000

Highly Experienced: £45,000 and over (area manager)

These figures are a guide.

5. Working hours, patterns and environment

You'll usually work around 40 hours a week, including evenings and weekends.

If you work at a racecourse, you may work at sporting events around the country. You'll work outdoors in all weathers.

If you work online, you’ll spend most of your time at a computer and your hours may vary.

6. Career path and progression

With experience, you could manage several shops in a region, or set up your own business.

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Last updated: 11 April 2017